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Course Registration


After a candidate has been accepted into the training program, the candiate must register for the course specified in the application within one calendar week of the application approval notice. After that time period has passed and if the candiate has still not registered for the course, the candiate's training hold will expire and the slot will be awarded to the next Navy SEAL Training candidate, selected by SPECWAROPS.

After successful completion of any phase of Navy SEAL Training, continuing students must E-mail or contact the Training Director. We will advise you of the next available training slot for the phase in which you wish to register.

To register, each candidate is required to pay for the specific course fee, which already includes the mandatory gear that will be yours to keep. The easiest way to register is by using a credit card and clicking on one of the registration payment buttons below.


Candidates may also pay for their course registration fee by mailing a check or money order to SPECWAROPS. When sending a check, please be sure to include a note specifying your full name and the course for which to apply the fees. The received envelope must be postmarked prior to the training hold expiration date. It is the candidate's responsibility to notify SPECWAROPS if there is any doubt or problem registering before the deadline. You can find the mailing address and contact information here:

SPECWAROPS Mailing Address

After the tuition has been paid in full, each student will be sent Temporary Duty Orders (TEMADD), which will have details regarding clothing you should bring, recommended personal items, and muster times and locations. It will also contain a list of lodging accommodations near the beach where we train. It is entirely up to the individual student where to stay, however we recommend that you don't stay too far from the San Diego or Del Mar area.

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