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Month Program Dates
July Phase I Friday, July 30th - Sunday, Aug. 1st
August AOT Friday, Aug. 27th - Sunday, Aug. 29th
September Phase II Friday, Sept. 24th - Sunday, Sept. 26th
October AOT Friday, Oct. 15th - Sunday, Oct. 17th
November Phase IV Friday, Nov. 12th - Sunday, Nov. 14th
December -No Courses-
January AOT Friday, Jan. 21st - Sunday, Jan. 23rd
February Phase V Saturday, February 26th
March Phase I Friday, March 25th - Sunday, March 27th
April AOT Friday, April 15th - Sunday, April 17th
May Phase III Friday, May 13th - Sunday, May 15th
June Phase V Saturday, June 25th
July Phase I Friday, July 29th - Sunday, July 31st
August AOT Friday, Aug. 26th - Sunday, Aug. 28th
September Phase II Friday, Sept. 23rd - Sunday, Sept. 25th
October AOT Friday, Oct. 14th - Sunday, Oct. 16th
November Phase IV Friday, Nov. 11th - Sunday, Nov. 13th
December -No Courses-  
Note: The schedule is set by our staff based on their availability. AOT Courses are scheduled as demand requires. Private group courses may be arranged. Schedule shifts possible for active duty personnel. Additional Phase I courses can be scheduled if demand exists. If class minimum size is not reached, students will be rolled into the next class of the same phase.



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