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With the world's growing population and the continuing urbanization of rural areas, the future of warfare rests on Close Quarters Battle (CQB) skills. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Close Quarters Battle, Group Movement (Interior and Exterior), Stacking, Room Entry Techniques, Proper Mindset, Cornering Techniques, Breaching Doors, Hand-to-Hand Combat with Firearms, and Prisoner Handling Techniques. The course ends with a Final Training Exercise (FTX) requiring the clearing of a hostile urban objective.

Flight Suit, Mock Turtleneck, Balaclava, and Ballistic Eyewear included for each trainee. Lodging information is provided for you when you sign up. All technical gear is provided. Energy drinks/snacks are recommended.

The fee for this course is $695 per student (includes gear).

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