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The HOO YAH fun of insertions is in the air! The Air Ops Course involves one day of instruction on AFF Skydiving in a combat environment. In this phase, you will learn a stable freefall position, Freefall Skydiving Equipment familiarization, aircraft loading proceedures, proper exit positions, altitude awareness, canopy control, nonverbal mid-air communication, canopy malfuction proceedures, emergency aircraft proceedures, and post landing proceedures. The course will end with a group daytime jump. Upon successful completion of Phase V, all Navy SEAL Trainees receive a quality SPECWAROPS Graduation Certificate.

Wind Goggles included for each trainee. All technical gear is provided, as well as travel to, and from, the airfield from Los Angeles. Lodging information is provided for you when you sign up. Energy drinks and snacks are always recommended.

The fee for this course is $545 per student (includes gear).



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